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Increase visits to your business. Improve your listing on Google Maps and bring new customers to your business.

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Local Search Strategy
We configure and create your business listing on Google. This way you will be easily tracked by your customers and they will be informed about your business.
google Maps SEO
We improve and position your business in Google Maps. Through effective optimization of your listing, you will receive more profile and in-store visits.
Let's set your goals together based on what you do. With an accurate Local SEO strategy, you will increase visits to your store and digital channels.

Improve your digital presence and increase your sales. Bring more people to your store!

  • you will take advantage of all the digital channels that we will make available to you;
  • you will receive many more visits in the store, on Google Maps and to your website;
  • we want your qualities to stand out in a unique and effective way compared to others;
  • we will let you discover targets that you did not think were right for you.
Reviews management
We offer you solutions to protect your reputation. Proper management of reviews exponentially increases your chances of doing business
Local Ranking
Local ranking is very important for users to choose you. This is why we adopt a targeted strategy to make you rise in the rankings and be more visible.
Social Media Marketing
We advise you how to take advantage of your social channels to increase visits to your store. Highlight your products, we choose the most effective communication.

Who do we turn to? is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners and local shops. And what category do you belong to?

  • Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pubs, Bars, Lounge Bars, Cocktail Bars, American Bars, Sushi, Pastry Shops, Ice Cream Shops, etc …;
  • Accommodation facilities: Hotels, B & Bs, Suites, Resorts, Guest houses, etc …;
  • Beach club;
  • Professionals: Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, etc …;
  • Automotive: Dealers, Car Rentals, Mechanics, Auto Parts, etc …;
  • Insurance, Banks, Financial Services, etc …;
  • Various entrepreneurs.

Do you have few visits? We explain why ...

How can you think of converting customers if you are present on Google in an incorrect way?

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

Vogliamo che tu abbia un’identità efficace e intuitiva. Chi ti guarda deve sapere chi ha di fronte e, soprattutto, deve potersi fidare del tuo nome. Mettici la faccia, noi ti aiutiamo a curarla nei minimi dettagli.

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